Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is to announce and acknowledge the name(s) of a baby, child or adult within a family, social group or a friendship circle. Most commonly associated with babies, naming ceremonies can also include older siblings or take place when a baby or child has been adopted. They are also milestone marking ceremonies if a young person or adult changes their name.

With a celebrant led naming ceremony, we can create an occasion that is unique and tailored to your wishes. Often involving family and friends in the ceremony as well as parents and grandparents, it can be everything you want it to be.Tailored naming ceremonies have become increasingly important to parents, who wish not to follow certain formalities, but allow often more practical and relevant ceremonies to be built around their own circumstances.

A truly unique and memorable occasion

We will meet as rI will be delighted to build your ceremony from scratch with you, including all the aspects that you would like and creating a truly unique and memorable occasion. To achieve this we will meet as needed and after I have ensured all the details you require are included, I will create your ceremony. On the day, I will be there to help co-ordinate and lead your ceremony for you and afterwards it will be my privilege to present you with your own written copy as a wonderful keepsake.